Mesy Lust
We are not back yet
But it looks like we will be
New video's, new girls, new even sexier scenes


We have always prided our selves on super high production standards, this basic principle will not change. We are moving our entire operation to Fort Lauderdale Florida, sun, sand, beautiful views, sexy women as you might already know  our girls are some of the hottest in the world, some are well known Porn Stars, we have professional working Directors, Cinematographers and writers on our movies.

Check back after September 2016 and see what progress has been made to be shooting again.
Are they sexy? I guarantee you have never seen the likes. Our girls have the sexiest lingerie, high heels and vintage stockings on, they wear latex, they wear nothing but a smile. Their only goal is to get you off, its our goal at Dirty Muse too.

Our movies in the past have been very focused on messy sex, large quantities of Mud, cream pies or bondage. We are going to re-focus a little more on the sex part, there will still be cream pies and Bondage, however rather tan pelt a model with 20 cream pies there might only be two or three, but they will be at the right time and in the right places. Something a little different from most of the other WAM producers.

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